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Ground source heat in the City

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5 Responses to “Ground source heat in the City”

  1. Paul Steverson says:

    This is great news, now what we need to do is to integrate the requirements for heating buildings above ground with the cooling requirements of the tube network underground during the summer.

    Cool the substrata during the winter while heating the buildings so that it can absorb all the excess heat during the summer by cooling the Tube tunnels & trains.

    Just a giant Heat store / Cool store underground. All we need to do now is find some space down there not already used so we can install some pipes!

  2. Douglas Haigh fidhee says:

    Like the previous respondent Mike Knowles I have been around the building services block more than once. He is quite correct that heat pumps require a lot more care and attention to detail to avoid the fiasco exposed by EST. Heat pumps can work, but unless the providers start being more realistic with their claims regarding COP and carbon savings then there will always be dissatisfied clients.

  3. Dan White says:

    Great to see scale projects like this actually up an running. Ground source often requires a greater luxury of space than most projects can offer. With air source the same benefits can be opened to all. The capital costs are lower and well specified systems can slash bills when the property is not on the gas grid. There are some good case studies here

  4. Mike Knowles CEng MIMechE says:

    Dear Mr Greg Barker

    Having been in energy for over 50 years – in aircraft propulsion, refrigeration and 28 years in Babcock Energy on waste heat boilers, energy from waste plants, chp and fluidised bed combustion – I retired from paid consultancy work on this in 2001. I have spent my retirement in promoting energy efficiency via the IMechE voluntary committees and local and personal contacts, advising on ground and air source heat pump heating etc., Unfortunately as th EST field trials have demonstrated, there is a great need to ensure best practice in design, installation and commissioning is adherred to ensure that optimum performance.

    I fully endorse your blog on the ground source heat pump for the commercial system you visited.?

    I have just taken part in the DECC’s 2050 Pathways Claculator blog debate which has been excellent. However we must make sure the most cost effective pathways are taken as the Coalition Government’s Annual Energy Statement said last year.


    Mike Knowles

    • Mr Knowles, I was principal design engineer and project managed the install at ONC for the ground source energy system, I can only say what a relief it is to see your comment and common sense, however too many projects in ground source are bought and therein the systems suffer as demonstrated by the EST trails. We need an effective and enforceable body to regulate the installers and providers such that these types of system can realise their potential.
      Jim Lofthouse

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