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Coal Measures – the Complete Works!

Well, we’ve done it: successfully traversed the potential perils of the Coal Measures – that’s to say the 235m of strata which might have contained old mine workings. I was up at the site on Friday afternoon (March 11th) as the drill bit was approaching a depth of 234m, which was the depth at which […]

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Posted on: Mar 15 2011

The 2050 Pathways debate – why is the panel all men?

Of the eight ‘energy experts’ DECC invited to participate in the 2050 pathways debate, all of them are men. I’m not going on a feminist rant or anything. I’m merely stating the glaringly obvious. What is also obvious is that the entire panel is white, and I’d hazard a guess that in the year 2050 […]

The curious case of the letter ‘b’

The wisdom of using the specialist services of Drilcorp to get us through the potential zones of old workings has now been thoroughly vindicated. Having sailed through the horizons of the High Main and Hutton coal seams – both of which might well have delayed us with lots of open voids – the next potential […]

2050 Pathways Debate

Having an energy-literate conversation about the UK’s options to 2050 [youtube width="320" height="195"][/youtube] Welcome to this online debate about which pathway the UK should take to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. A panel of eight climate and energy experts have set out how they think the UK could do this using […]

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Posted on: Mar 2 2011

Calling all young followers – the Youth Advisory Panel is recruiting!

You by now will hopefully know about the DECC Youth Advisory Panel – if not, have a look at the website and the blog to get up to speed with all the activities and work the Panel has done over the past year. Since the Pilot phase, the Panel is going into full swing and we […]

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