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The Push Europe Campaign

Emma (left) with Lykke Friis, Chris Huhne and the Push Europe campaignersTuesday 21st June marked a special day for the ‘Push Europe’ campaign, a youth campaign run by leading organisations, the UK Youth Climate Coalition, Young Friends of the Earth Europe and Bund Jugend.

Push Europe, launched on the 6th May 2011, right outside the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change, has been spending the last few months working with youth across Europe, calling for more ambitious measures from our EU leaders on climate change.

And the campaign came back round full circle when Push Europe presented Chris Huhne, the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Lykke Friis, the Danish Environment Minister, over 300 CVs from youth across Europe applying to work and live in a low-carbon economy.  Collected over the past couple of months, youth from countries including UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, called for more opportunities for ‘green jobs’; a transfer to cleaner energy; and most immediately, at least 30% emissions reductions on 1990 levels.  At a time where there are overwhelming rates of youth unemployment, we know that bold emissions reductions targets will not only mean securing a transition into the cleaner, safer and more prosperous world we want to be living in, but also innovation and the creation of millions of jobs.

We can see from past successes such as the 2008/2009 EU Climate Package, that rapid and strong climate agreements are possible to be reached by the EU.  As a regional block of 27 industrialised countries, their political will has the potential to lead the way to not only a more just and cleaner Europe, but also will set the bar for the rest of the world to follow.

Last February Chris Huhne released a co-signed statement along with 6 other EU Environment Ministers advocating for more ambitious EU targets.  Since then we have seen rallying support from more sectors – last week 72 businesses called for 30% emissions reductions targets, along with health groups, trade unions, and only this Monday did 21 non-governmental organisations also call for support.  Seemingly, it is not just young people who are part of sharing and building this vision for the future.

Yet, there is still some way to go.  We as young people want to be supporting the progressive EU environment leaders in their mission to take realistic steps towards tackling climate change.  Already, ahead of the European Parliamentary vote today on emissions reductions targets, we have sent every single MEP a letter calling for immediately at least 30% by 2020, as a step towards 40%.  And it doesn’t stop there.

Over the coming months, all of our friends, communities and political leaders will be hearing much more from us.  Push Europe will be building momentum all across the region, mobilising, skilling-up and organizing for the future that will be safer for us and future generations.  We know the science, so we know what needs to be done, we just need the organizing and political will.  We are ready to take that leap of faith, but will our politicians follow?

For more information, please visit the Push Europe website or contact Emma Biermann, a Push Europe Coordinator on

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Comments: 4 Comments on The Push Europe Campaign
Posted on: Jun 23 2011

4 Responses to “The Push Europe Campaign”

  1. I wish everyone who do hard work will be succeed.
    P.S. good luck in vote day too.

  2. Brent Hargreaves says:

    There’s no such thing as manmade climate change, and remedies to this nonexistent threat are unneccessary.

    This is a figment of the imagination, merely the latest incarnation of end-of-days apocalypse scares.

    I have no doubt that Push Europe gets fun-ding from the taxpayer. The definition of fun-ding is: money extracted by profligate government from wealth-creators in the economy and doled out to idle chatterati who should be doing something useful instead.

  3. Tom Lafford says:

    There are few win win policies, particularly at a European scale. But 30% by 2020 is one of those rare things. Essential for the security of the global environment and instrumental to European economic recovery.

    Check out the evidence for yourself at:

    or if you don’t have much time read the Green Alliance digest of the report here:

  4. Tom Youngman says:

    Really impressive stuff the Push Europe campaign’s been doing – good luck in the vote on 11th July!

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