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“Birds never make nests in bare trees”

Some of you may ponder the merits of this saying in true philosophical style; others may laud it as a wonderfully retro quote from the classic Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’ (Sean Connery still the best ‘Bond’ ever in my book btw).

It’s also one way of describing climate change and creates a pretty stark image….no?

Newbie to the blogosphere, be nice

I’m doing this intro ‘blog’ for DECC’s International Climate Change  team. Now don’t say ‘who?!’  We’ve been around for quite some time. Maybe not generating as much year-round media interest, but we definitely put the ‘CC’ into the Department, across Whitehall, and around the world. 

The work we do won’t garner as many headlines, but nevertheless it goes on round the clock on this critical issue.  Indeed, some say we care so most of you don’t have to.  But that’s only true for the international negotiations and moves for legally binding agreements. 

I’d say everyone should, and probably does, care about their immediate environment, the welfare of their near and dear, the food they eat, the water they drink…. and so on. Ergo, they probably do care about climate change, they just give it a different label. Which is good enough, let’s take what we can get for now. 

Bonn’s going on

For those of you who don’t know, we’re currently on Day 11 of a 2 week ‘intersessional’ held by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (sexy title, ‘UNFCCC’ for short) in Bonn.  This is the first time that the 194 member countries have come together since the last meeting, the Conference of the Parties (COP 17), in December last year. Every nation you can think of will be represented there, regardless of size, power, wealth or status. And amazingly, every single one of them, from the EU to Tuvalu, will get to have their say. We hope that this intersessional will enable progress on the Durban Platform. But it looks like this – so far – has been difficult. 

Next week a member of the UK delegation will blog in more detail about their experience in Bonn and the reasons why climate negotiations are often slow-moving. I can only describe it as a perpetual ‘family Christmas dinner’ – including in laws, out laws, exes, step-relatives, new flames, shouty folk, the very old, the very young, and pets…. 

Naysayers will no doubt hem and haw over a ‘2 week jolly’ that is being had. But there’s nothing ‘jolly’ or glam about being holed up from sun up to sun down, painstakingly negotiating with trenchant parties through text and dialogue and trying to agree on a collective way forward to protect the planet for all of us. Especially when the efforts of the few are either taken for granted, ignored or, even worse, scoffed at by the many.

So, till next time…

As well as Bonn, the teams here have been busy working on a whole range of issues – hence the ‘radio silence’ experienced by our regular followers. But now the ground work has been done we’re back ‘on air’, so to speak.  Stay tuned people, there’s a lot more to come!

* You can also follow us on our 2 degree limit Twitter account (@2degreelimit)

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Posted on: May 25 2012

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