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My 2050 goes international

It’s always good when a project keeps on giving. My2050 is a nice example. 2 years on DECC’s simulation of how the UK can supply its energy and reduce emissions is still promoting discussion on Twitter. And we continue to use it at public events such as the Hay Festival, and recently in Liverpool to communicate the challenge facing the country of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

The idea of the 2050 project was different levels of detail for different audiences. For the truly committed – our Excel analysis made fully open source for the world to see.

For the policy wonks – our webtool – that allows you to really get into the detail of different technologies and behaviours. And My2050 for the more visually inclined, which we also use in partnership with schools to hold classroom debates on energy.

We thought that maybe other countries could benefit from this approach – and it turns out they can actually improve it for their country. China and South Korea led the way last year, launching their own versions. And we are currently working with South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil and up to 6 more other countries to enable them to create their 2050 Calculator. This is thanks to funding from the UK’s International Climate Fund.

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