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Delivering energy saving initiatives in Sussex

On behalf of the Sussex Energy Saving Partnership (SESP) and West Sussex County Council, I’m delighted to announce multi-national company Carillion as SESP’s preferred bidder for delivering energy saving initiatives in Sussex.

SESP is a major project extending across West Sussex East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. There are 686,000 homes in the project area, most of which could benefit from one or more energy saving improvements; enough work for a 20 year programme! Over the first three years our plan is to improve at least 17,000 homes generating up to £75 million worth of work.

SESP is designed to deliver energy upgrades to residents’ homes using ECO grants, Green Deal finance and other funding. In addition to helping reduce energy use through better insulation, modern boilers, improved glazing and draught proofing, the partnership will enable installation of renewable microgen systems such as solar PV and renewable heating. Our detailed planning work will now start with a view to launching the scheme in the early part of 2014.

Through this valuable work we hope to achieve energy saving and lower energy costs for residents, as well as reductions in fuel poverty and health benefits for the elderly and very young. It will also provide a boost to local companies doing assessment and installation work, and make a significant contribution to moving towards a low carbon economy.

You can find up to date information on the Sussex Energy Saving Programme, through our website.

Colin James is Head of Capital and Infrastructure at West Sussex CC. Colin led the SESP procurement and is SESP project lead.

5 Responses to “Delivering energy saving initiatives in Sussex”

  1. Colin James says:

    On Wednesday 19th March 2014 I was invited as guest speaker at the Presentation of Awards Evening for the Faculty of Construction and Engineering at Central Sussex College. It was great to be able to talk about our ambitions for the Sussex Energy Saving Partnership to create a pipeline of work and jobs for the plumbers, engineers and plasterers of the future. It was also such a pleasure to give out the awards to such modest and yet committed young people and mature students. It is a great reminder of why we are driving forward this programme – it is about future jobs for the current but also the next generation of skilled workers in construction and engineering

  2. Bill Parker says:

    I am not delighted. Suddenly, Carillion: whose business ethos and practices have been found wanting and not in the public interest: are ‘energy’ experts, having made reputation out of cleaning services and building maintenance.
    The firm is being awarded publicly funded contracts for energy services in a way that is difficult yo perceive anything other than gerrymandering!

  3. Rita Brooks says:

    It will certainly be good to see this project providing additional work to the area, as well as lowering energy costs for residents – seems like a great decision.

  4. John Martin says:

    it is to be hoped that the local businesses really do benefit rather than being given scraps from the table, as current schemes look to screw the small business to the wall on price leaving them barely scraping a living as this approach helps no one but the big companies and has been the cry from the start from small businesses and sole traders, lets hope Carillion stand out from the crowd in this respect

    • Colin James says:

      We do understand your concern and that is why we have designed our procurement so that Carillion as our Delivery Partner will be delivering our programme through local businesses. The Social Value Act gives councils more flexibility to target socio-economic outcomes rather than just price. We have our local “Meet the Buyer” events starting this week – we are very much working with our Partner to encourage the development of a local supply chain prior to a launch of an offer to residents. I am delighted that this approach has the support of our LEP and has been welcomed by the local small business federation, The greatest challenge is building on our investment through the procurement to work with residents to take up the measures. We believe that our parnerships and networks with local community groups will be crucial; promoting a scheme which should support local jobs, apprenticeships and local businesses as well as quality should help us achieve this community engagement.

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