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Response to the Daily Mail “Britain’s secret bid to fix UN climate report”

In the Daily Mail, Ben Spencer reported that Britain unduly interfered with the drafting of the IPCC’s final report on climate change that has been published today. Under the headline, “Britain’s secret bid to fix UN climate Report”, he accuses the UK delegation of political interference. This is hugely misleading and wrong on every level.

The latest IPCC report is the leading authority on the current state of our climate and its robust and informed findings are a stark reminder to us all on the seriousness of the threat we all face.  Along with other Governments, the UK was asked by the IPCC to submit comments at the end of last year on the Final Draft Summary of the report and invited to attend and participate in a meeting in Yokohama (Japan) in order to reach a global agreement on the findings. The UK was not the only country to comment on the section on the costs of climate impacts– other countries also commented included Germany, Japan, Belgium, USA and Finland who all asked for clarification on what the costs represented or questioned the robustness and completeness of the data.

It became clear that not just the UK thought this section of the report needed further work. The lead authors themselves responded to the comments in a final draft of the report which was discussed by Governments at the meeting in Yokohama last week. Changes were made to highlight the difficulties in assessing global aggregate economic impacts and the limitations of the models. So it is not secret, not a fix and not the UK.

Our trust in the IPCC can be reassured as the process guarantees the  summary is factually correct and agreed by all member governments – it is therefore not possible for one country to unduly influence the process. All government comments submitted in December will be published by the IPCC when the final version of the underlying chapters are released in a few months’ time.

I am grateful to the IPCC and my officials for all the work that has gone into producing this report. The evidence builds the case for early action in the UK and around the world to lessen the risks posed by climate change.  We cannot afford to wait.

Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

5 Responses to “Response to the Daily Mail “Britain’s secret bid to fix UN climate report””

  1. Mark says:

    Well done Edward Davey in supporting the IPCC – their work is outstanding and helps cut through a lot of the uninformed criticism being bandied around.

    As with all these topics, let’s examine the facts without the knee-jerk emotional reactions. I’m embarrassed for the ‘authors’ of the comments below.

  2. Bill Parker says:

    Methinks the maiden doth protest too much….
    Because ‘man’ generated carbon dioxide represents only a tiny fraction of that occurring naturally; if he were to reduce his output to nothing (for which purpose he would also need to stop breathing), it would serve negligibly towards reducing the rate of climate change.
    The clever money would have been on not destroying the effectiveness of nature’s Carbon sinks, by preserving deciduous forests and by not polluting the sea with bio-toxic chemicals such as plastics…
    Too little, too late – but the ‘policy-makers’ should help Western Governments collect a bit more in taxation with Carbon credit and polluter licensing schemes

  3. George Watson says:

    Another load of tosh by the green idiots in government at the moment, who once again have been caught tampering with evidence to scare and frighten the UK public.

  4. No Smoke without fire, I just don’t believe you.

    There is so little going on out here, other than lots of chaos (See LinkedIn) and miles of new regulations (MCS 16/12/13 etc etc)! The chaos is due to the overly complex regulations. I have customers who are very decent folk and they still have not got the correct FIT’s payment one year after install of an extension. I could bore you with my understanding of the insane bureaucracy that makes this possible but as I know you wont be able to help I wont. There is no one with oversight, no ombudsman, I think it will take legal action to get some sense into things, alas my customer think he wont be alive long enough. Shame on you!

    Domestic RHI is going to fall flat on it’s face and join GD & ECO as disasters. Was it £3m per week for GD for your costs, probably £6m per week in compliance and bloated training by participants, 400 installs! Dont give me that “well they have gone and done it without GD” its just not true.

  5. Re the Daily Mail:
    Dan and Dan’s classic comedic performance says it all.
    watch and LOL.

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