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Reducing Carbon Emissions through Innovation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its Assessment Report in three enormous publications. The first publication – often called “Working Group 1″, or WG1 for short – describes the current understanding of the physical mechanisms of climate change; the second – “WG2″ – discusses the possible consequences of future climate change for ecosystems and […]

Response to the Daily Mail “Britain’s secret bid to fix UN climate report”

In the Daily Mail, Ben Spencer reported that Britain unduly interfered with the drafting of the IPCC’s final report on climate change that has been published today. Under the headline, “Britain’s secret bid to fix UN climate Report”, he accuses the UK delegation of political interference. This is hugely misleading and wrong on every level. The […]

The IPCC WGII report

Climate change is an area where science and engineering – across all disciplines, from the physical to the social sciences – has a crucial role in informing decisions by policy makers. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the first instalment of its Fifth Assessment Report last September.  This summarised the latest scientific understanding […]

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Posted on: Mar 31 2014

Energy and Environment Open Data Challenge

It will start with a microphone, a stage, and an idea. Dozens of designers, developers and energy experts will be gathered. Some will have met before, most are strangers. All of them share an enthusiasm for working fast and solving big problems. And all of their eyes are on the stage. One by one, innovators […]

Not how they do it on Yes Minister

Three days ago, the Government of India launched their “India Energy Security Scenarios 2047″ calculator. It reflects seven hard months by a team under Mr Anil Jain at the Planning Commission. They took the UK’s 2050 Pathway Calculator and adapted it for India. In doing it they have both broken the “three articles of civil […]

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Posted on: Mar 4 2014

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