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Reducing Carbon Emissions through Innovation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its Assessment Report in three enormous publications. The first publication – often called “Working Group 1″, or WG1 for short – describes the current understanding of the physical mechanisms of climate change; the second – “WG2″ – discusses the possible consequences of future climate change for ecosystems and […]

Scottish energy bills are lower within the UK

Some things work better when they are together – united and integrated. Energy certainly does. In the UK, as one nation, our integrated, single energy market is delivering the investment, jobs and power we need. The same goes for booming oil and gas industry in the North Sea and our world leading renewables sector – […]

Europe needs an ambitious climate, security and competitiveness package

In a week that marks the on-going challenge of Climate Change, I am in Brussels making the case and drumming up support for the right climate change and energy policies until 2030. This will prepare the ground for when Europe’s leaders gather at the end of March to agree the best way to tackle one […]

UK still leads the race in harnessing power of offshore wind

The UK is the world leader for offshore wind: we have more wind turbines in the sea, generating more electricity than any country in the world and the biggest pipeline to 2020. Offshore wind currently makes up around 3% of the UK’s total generating capacity and it is already an essential part of our energy […]

Installing a heat meter in the domestic RHI – say “Ahhh”

It’s not long to go now until the Domestic RHI launches and lots of installers have already started swatting up on the scheme requirements and changes to MCS that come into effect on the 16th March.  These include guidance on metering for the domestic RHI, which is well worth being familiar with. DECC have also […]

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