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Tackling leaky rented homes and business energy costs

In late July we announced plans to change regulations in the private rented sector by imposing minimum energy efficiency standards. In this blog, we explain why and how these changes can help consumers to take control of their energy bills and to have warmer, more energy efficient properties. But it’s not set in concrete yet […]

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – upfront cash to help you save more on your energy bills

From today, people wanting to make energy saving home improvements can get up to £7600 from the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund to help with the cost of the work. This is an excellent opportunity that will make it substantially cheaper to have a warm, more comfortable home that will cost less to heat. The […]

Reducing Carbon Emissions through Innovation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its Assessment Report in three enormous publications. The first publication – often called “Working Group 1″, or WG1 for short – describes the current understanding of the physical mechanisms of climate change; the second – “WG2″ – discusses the possible consequences of future climate change for ecosystems and […]

Changes to the Green Deal Cashback Scheme

DECC recently announced several changes to the existing Green Deal Cashback Scheme (operating in England and Wales) which rewards consumers for taking action to improve the energy efficiency of their homes through the Green Deal. These changes were the result of feedback we’ve had from industry and consumers on how the scheme could be made […]

Preparing for the 14th round of onshore oil and gas licences

Oil and gas in the UK is a national resource and we, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, have the responsibility of issuing licences to companies wishing to explore for oil or gas, including shale gas.   This is done from time to time in licensing rounds.   However, the licences do not permit actual drilling or […]

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