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Ask your question about the future of energy

  Update: 30 May 2014 Thanks to everyone who sent in questions for our #HayEnergy event at the Hay Festival. We had some great questions, but selected the following three. You can watch our discussion of these with Marcus Brigstocke via the You Tube video links below: the future of energy storage barriers to clean […]

Wetland Biomass to Bioenergy enters its final phase

It is very exciting to think that the wetland biomass to bioenergy project is now entering its final stage, with only a further 11 months left to run. As we complete the review of Phase 2, the life cycle analysis is indicating that the participants are developing technologies that have the ability to deliver between […]

Michael Fallon announces UK-Poland shale study

European produced shale gas has the potential to contribute to energy security, deliver economic benefits and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However there is a lack of understanding about how much of this potential can be realised. This is why today we are announcing that the UK and Poland are commissioning independent analysis looking […]

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Posted on: Apr 25 2014

Reducing Carbon Emissions through Innovation

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its Assessment Report in three enormous publications. The first publication – often called “Working Group 1″, or WG1 for short – describes the current understanding of the physical mechanisms of climate change; the second – “WG2″ – discusses the possible consequences of future climate change for ecosystems and […]

Scottish energy bills are lower within the UK

Some things work better when they are together – united and integrated. Energy certainly does. In the UK, as one nation, our integrated, single energy market is delivering the investment, jobs and power we need. The same goes for booming oil and gas industry in the North Sea and our world leading renewables sector – […]

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